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The Reverend Canon Charles LaFond is Canon Steward at the Cathedral of Saint John’s in the Wilderness in Denver Colorado. A Cathedral Canon works among a “chapter” of canons who live by a rule of life that includes saying daily morning and evening prayer together. The Canon Steward oversees the fabric of the Cathedral complex (considered one of Denver’s most beautiful buildings), coordinates hospitality programs to visitors and 4,000 communicants, orchestrates the raising of money and people for mission and ministry, and contributes to the life of the community through teaching, preaching, and writing on the spiritual life.

Charles has taught stewardship design as guest faculty at Virginia Theological Seminary, is on the TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship) Board of Directors and on the Advisory Council for the Episcopal Church’s Development Office. Charles is a frequent blogger at www.charleslafond.com, writes a bi-monthly article on domestic spirituality and is the author of Fearless Church Fundraising found here on the spiritual and logistical underpinnings of stewardship and financial development in churches and religious organizations.

Charles has been a member of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church and its Executive Committee and is on the Presiding Bishop’s Advisory Council for the Episcopal Church Development Office and The Executive Council’s Joint Standing Committee on Local Mission and Ministry. Charles is also Priest Associate at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Nashua, New Hampshire and is Chaplain to the New Hampshire State Senate. Charles is a master potter in stoneware, Raku art and production pottery sold in two area art galleries and lives on a farm and apiary in the woods of New Hampshire with his Black Lab “Kai.”

Charles maintained a blog while at the Blackwater Bluff, his home in New Hampshire. Feel free to visit it on “The View from Blackwater Bluff” page. (The home is now for sale…please inquire here!) Below is a sampling of Charles’s pottery:


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  1. Betsy Hess had this to say about that:

    What a lovely website. Now I can leave comments!

  2. BISHOP JIM HAZELWOOD had this to say about that:

    Charles, We spoke the other day, and I’d like to move forward with scheduling you for three Saturdays in Sept. 14, 21 & 28 are best. Probably three locations Hartford, Boston and New Hampshire area.

    Let me know next steps, and I’ll then connect you with my staff person who will coordinate details.

  3. Greg Movesian had this to say about that:

    Hi Charles. We had dinner with Peter Saturday night and our spirits are soaring with the news that you will be ministering among us! We’ll be out of town in June when the canons’ installation occurs but we shall be there in spirit!


  4. Kim Bergstrand had this to say about that:

    Greetings Rev. Canon LaFond,

    Thank you for agreeing to faithfully guide us through the changing contexts and attitudes surrounding stewardship in the 21st century. I am leading the planning team for the stewardship events in the New England Synod scheduled for September. Bishop James Hazelwood provided the dates of September 14th, 21st, and 28th for three events that will be offered in different regions of the synod; Northern Tier (NH), Boston- Metro, and Central CT. Please let me know if there is any change to that schedule and if you have a preference for specific regions on certain dates. Bishop Hazelwood indicated that he would like to offer a full day event at each location, 9:00am-2:00pm with a break for lunch. Will that schedule be sufficient for a day-long workshop? I was looking at the stewardship workshop menu, and “Organic Stewardship: Raising Money and Deepening Soul” seemed to fit the trajectory of current discussion around the synod. If you have something else in mind, please let me know and I will put it in our promotional material, otherwise I will use the description from the workshop menu. I have also taken biographical information from your website, if you would like something different, please send me that information.
    As far as event logistics, what will you need on-site? ( i.e., seating arrangements, projector, screen, audio/mic, easels, flipcharts, etc..)

    If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email or call.


    Kim Bergstrand
    Synod Assembly Planning Team
    kimbergstrand@comcast.net 774-991-1537

    God’s Word. Our Voices.
    New England Synod Assembly 2013

  5. Scott Christian had this to say about that:

    I met you at the Salt Lake City TENS conference and I discovered Warrenton was a very familiar place for you. From what someone has told me, I am wondering if your sister is related to the Wrights who sell real estate? If so, then I know Ed and Kimberly quite well, and I taught their eldest son, Edison, last year in the church’s elementary school.
    Also, the new rector I mentioned to you who is cementing the changes that were so needed in the culture of St. James’ knows you from seminary– Ben Maas. He may have been a class below you, but he remembers you fondly as someone who mastered being a student at VTS. He remembers your pottery studio in the basement of the dorm! He is one of the most impressive up and coming priests I’ve met in years; St. James’ is incredibly blessed, and it is he who gives me confidence that we can raise significant money at St. James’.
    However, the main reason I’m writing is to thank you profusely for your book on fundraising. I have read it with a pen and highlighter in hand, and I’ve also been drafting the agenda for the next Stewardship Committee meeting. I have not read many books about fundraising, but I have read a fair number of articles, pamphlets, and pieces on the Internet. I believe you have achieved your goal– “…a one-stop book to get moving on raising money while attending to the intricacies of life in a community of faith.” I am struck by its many strengths, but I’ll mention two. First, as Eugene Peterson wrote, our Christian faith embraces “divine mysteries and holy paradoxes,” and your practical and theological advice celebrates this. Responses to God’s gifts usually involve a “both..and” rather than an “either…or.” Secondly, I am drawn to your theology of Church for the same reason I am drawn to the SSJE. You stress that fundamentally the Gospel of Jesus is about love, even more than “salvation.” I find this perspective inspiring for my work as Stewardship Chair as well as being a Christian in the 21st century.
    I hope that your transition goes well in Colorado, and I do hope that I will see you in Warrenton sometime. If you were to be here for any extended time, I would like to take you up on your offer to speak to a group from St. James’ about fearless fundraising.

    Grace & peace,

  6. John Lambert had this to say about that:

    Hey brother! I was thinking about you today and wondering what you were up to; a quick search led me here. COOL SITE! Drop me an email sometime and let’s catch up. Envious that you’re out West…Colorado is the bomb!

  7. Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

    Dear Canon LaFond,

    I am new to your blog but I find it to be the cooolest thing on line. It’s just what I’ve been needing for prayer and meditation for Advent and everyday. Yes, yes, I know I sound like a theological groupie. Oh, well.

  8. Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

    For today’s blog-12-9-14

    Thank you, Charles for those lovely words. I certainly needed to hear them. Advent is not an easy time for some of us.

  9. Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

    Dear Charles,

    In regard to your blog update posted 12-12-14: Wow!

    Barbara Kline

    • Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

      Dear Charles,

      Thank you so much for your post of 12-15-14.
      You certainly know how to soothe the frazzled spirit!

  10. Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

    Dear Charles,

    Regarding your idea of how to prepare for Lent, chocolate and washing off all the muck from our daily lives! Until now, I’ve always dreaded Lent but now I feel a little better about it.

  11. Barbara Kline had this to say about that:

    Dear Charles,

    I forgot to ask in my previous comments that I would like to know more about your Rule of Life and how you came by this Rule of Life.

    Barbara Kline

  12. Katy Knoer had this to say about that:

    Hello Charles – I listened to your Sunday forum at Christ Chruch Cranbrook on Writing a Rule of Life. I am a Co-Leader of our Women’s Spirituality Group which meets weekly. We would like to embark on this adventure during Lent – I am the appointed facilitator. Is your new book available or are there other print materials that we could reference to guide us though this process? Thanks!

  13. Suzanne Hall had this to say about that:

    What a wonderful resource by one who is deeply grounded and has much to offer! I will look forward to regular doses.

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