Internal Passion

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Internal Passion

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  1. Craig Fulladosa had this to say about that:

    Rev. Charles,
    I am a potter living in the High Desert of Southern California. I have been potting on and off for more or less almost 50 years. I retired from teaching Ceramics over 15 years ago and right now I am in between studios. I attend off and on St. Paul’s Episcopal church in Lancaster, CA. I was reading the insert in the Sunday worship booklet today and my wife told me to read the insert that was of your stewardship essay. When I came to the end of it that said your checkbook revealed the items you bought-clay, chemicals for glazes and kiln supplies, I thought to myself-this guy is a potter. I asked the Reverend at our church about it and she said she just printed it from the diocese info or something of that nature. She recommended me Googling your name, so I did and that’s how I got here. I would enjoy hearing more about your potting and share ideas, stories, antecdotes or whatever. I don’t get to meet too many Episcopalians with my love for mud.
    the Clayman

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