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Fearless Church Fundraising published out of Morehouse Publishing, Fifth Avenue, New York, New York.

An introduction to Fearless Church Fundraising

The postcard for Fearless Church Fundraising

Advance Praise for Fearless Church Fundraising

Laurel Johnston’s book interview for Fearless Church Fundraising

An early peek inside the contents of Fearless Church Fundraising

Charles LaFond introduces Fearless Church Fundraising:

A video created by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) to honor the Diocese of New Hampshire and Charles LaFond for the production of the Stewardship Manual from which Fearless Church Fundraising was developed. The award was one of four given in the Episcopal Church in this triennium at the 2012 General Convention.


Next Book…



The Book of Common Practice:
how to discern, imagine, set and follow a course for your life by importing “Rule of Life” technology from the cloister to the kitchen

Charles LaFond’s next book is a manual for creating and living by a Rule of Life. This book’s working title is “The Book of Common Practice: how to imagine, set and follow a course for your life.” This book follows the ancient tradition of a Rule of Life and imports it from use by monks and nuns to use by the rest of us. If you are tired of failed attempts at New Year’s Resolutions then this book is for you. It will teach you how to:

  • look deeply inside yourself to see what your desires are
  • learn to trust what you see inside you so that your desires can be employed
  • listen to God and the hearts of others for confirmation of your longings
  • imagine what aspects of your life needs to be guided by your goals and hopes
  • list and construct the chapters of your Rule of Life
  • write your chapters by infusing source materials which inspire you
  • live your life by daily reference to your own Rule chapters
  • adapt your Rule of Life as your life changes

This book will be written as a read-along on my blog.


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    Hi Charles. Are you @ NH the last wk of July? Let us know! Best

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