Edge Gallery, 2014, Denver

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This Edge Gallery collection reveals the artist’s interests in spirituality, food, beauty, history and Asian art.

Heavily influenced by 15th century Korean pottery found in the Ashmolean and British Museums, these pots frequently include rocks or crystals that acknowledge the earth as the source of the clay and glaze’s most basic elements.

The artist enjoys a love of friendship and hospitality, seen in the way his pottery tends to reflect ancient and massive medieval and renaissance serving pottery for feasts.

Thanks to photographer Jessica Mycoskie for taking the images below. You can follow her on her website.

Charles LaFond is a master potter of 25 years. This is his ninth exhibition. He works in production and art pottery and employs Raku, stoneware and pit firing. The artist is an Episcopal Priest, an author and a daily blogger.

816 Grape Street
Denver, CO 80220
Blog: The Daily Sip


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