Museum of Fine Art, 2009, Portsmouth

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This exhibition was held in August, 2009, at the Museum of Fine Art in Portsmouth, NH.

Charles LaFond is a master potter of 25 years. He works in production and art pottery and employs Raku, stoneware and pit firing. The artist is an Episcopal Priest, an author and a daily blogger.

816 Grape Street
Denver, CO 80220
Blog: The Daily Sip


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  1. Emi Hurley had this to say about that:

    Charles my husband Pat found your Daily Sip and shared it with me and we havie created a whole following of you with our spiritual friends here in Fort Wayne, IN. WE LOVE,LOVE your writing you touch my heart, make me laugh and your food and art amaze me. Thank you for sharing your life and love of God with us each day. Some time when we are in Denver I would love to meet you. We are fellow Episcoplian and attend Grace church a small but joyful loving congregation who want to share the love of Jesus. Emi

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