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Mishkhah Retreat:

Two videos from a Stewardship Symposium, with speakers Clay Matthews and Charles LaFond

Stewardship as Spiritual Formation:

A short film done by Concord Public Television celebrating local artists featuring The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond (9 minutes):

An award announcement video created by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship to honor the Diocese of New Hampshire and Charles LaFond for the production of the Stewardship Manual and programs (5 minutes):

An explanation of the “Come and See” church membership growth/evangelism initiative and its 65 page training manual (8 minutes):

A description of the “Simple Bowls” ministry which combines pottery, cooking classes and formation around the spirituality of food and simplicity, developed and used through out New Hampshire (6 minutes):


Financial Planning as Spiritual Practice

The following Three-part video was designed, written and produced by Charles LaFond for the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire as a way to get at the issues which underlay stewardship, giving, money management, fear and transformation. Entitled “Financial Planning as Spiritual Practice” this video series can be used in a church as a sermon series or as a forum or group discussion starter and goes deep into how we make our financial decisions and how those decisions impact our spiritual and church life.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:


Diocese of Colorado Ten-part video teaching series

The following ten-part video series was filmed as a day-long workshop for the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado by the Colorado Episcopal Foundation and features The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond presenting on the spirituality and how-to praxis of Fearless Church Fundraising. Each section is begun by a short interview in which Charles summarizes the section material and is headed by an ancient icon whose theology and spirituality raises key aspects of the section content.

Pantocrator: The Holy Awe of God

Anastasis: The Resurrection

O Nymphos: The Bridegroom

Prodromou: John The Baptist

Crucifixion: Companioning

Trinity: Being Together

Myrrh-Bearing: Bringing Gifts

Panagia: Growing Pains

Anthony: Nurturing Leadership

Transfiguration: Changing the World


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